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Yes, Black. That color that depicts ‘the highest ranked’. That color that screams ‘extreme exclusivity’. That color that translates to ultimate aspiration: Black Belt. Black Card. Black Tie. Black Dress.  We don't just teachWealth. We teach Black Wealth- wealth at a level that only few attain. Ready to fully experience life? Welcome to The Black Wealth Club. 

Cultural Mission

At The Black Wealth Club we are on a Cultural Mission to empower everyday people to build, sustain and preserve wealth. We are making wealth inclusive through masterclasses, masterminds, training and coaching programs.

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Inclusive Wealth

'Belonging to The Club' has historically been restricted to the privileged few. We are now deliberately making lifechanging insights on -every aspect of wealth- accessible, understandable and applicable for common folk. 

Full Cirle

Our signature Wealth Creation Immersive Mastermind "Full Circle" is a 12-week intensive program that walks you through the end-to-end path towards true wealth. Everything you need to know, consider and do is covered. 


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