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Yes, Black.

That color that depicts ‘the highest ranked’.

That color that screams ‘extreme exclusivity’.

The ultimate aspiration.

Black Belt.

Black Card.

Black Tie.

Black Dress.

And now: Black Wealth.

Welcome to the power to create better life outcomes.

Welcome to the ability to fully experience life. 

Welcome to The Black Wealth Club. 

We are making wealth inclusive.

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Cultural Renewal

The Black Wealth Club is a result of our founder's 27 year quest to understand what both poverty and wealth are a result of. Suzee, as she likes to be called, has spent her career dedicated to creating wealth as an outcome at the individual, community, corporate and nation level.  She has worked for and with some of the brightest minds and boldest wealth creators in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Determined to empower everyday people with all knows regarding wealth, she set up The Black Wealth Club as a platform for  Cultural Renewal. 

Inclusive Wealth

The Black Wealth Club is a FLIP, a Financial Learning and Investment Platform. We are on a mission to inspire and empower everyday people to build, sustain and grow wealth. 'Belonging to The Club' has historically been restricted to the privileged few. We are now deliberately making lifechanging insights on -every aspect of wealth- accessible, understandable and applicable for common folk. We do so through our masterclasses, training courses and coaching programs.

Are you brave enough to want more? Then our signature Wealth Creation Program "Full Circle" is the program for you. Our 12-week intensive course walks you through the end-to-end path towards generational wealth creation and the attainment of financial independence.  Through this intensive course you will acquire the confidence, knowledge and resources to build your own or your family's Financial Legacy. We start off with helping you create your own  detailed and focused Life Plan. The course then focusses on enhancing your financial and wealth literacy so that we can then take you through the end-to-end path towards boldly creating your most amazing life outcome: From the mindset required to the actual steps you need to take to build and preserve wealth. Where others stop at teaching you how you can gain financial freedom, we have set out to take you much further and deeper into the tenets of true, extraordinary wealth.


Have you ever questioned how and why the wealthy keep becoming wealthier, and the poor remain poor? When you're just a regular person with a job, how do you go about building wealth? Our Masterclass is for those who want to learn how to start creating different life outcomes, but simply do not know where and how to start!  Our full-day, in person Wealth Masterclass named "Your Path to Wealth" will give you an in-depth introduction to the  principles, the practice and the psychology of wealth.  You will learn how money works, how you can make it work for you and the different paths to wealth. You will also go through practical examples of wealth creation. You  will learn how wealth is attained through different avenues and how to  build it, sustain it, grow it and protect it  This class is not about debt, money management, budgeting nor saving. Nor is this about getting rich quick!  It is about providing you the knowledge, insights, resources and tools to create wealth for you, your family and generations to come!

Our highly recommended, but totally optional, 9-month coaching program is for those that completed the 12-week  Wealth Creation Program 'Full Circle' and want to apply their gained knowledge in practice. In this program, you are guided and coached to literally take the steps applicable to your own financial goals and personal situation. The program is provided at an individual level, 1-on-1, and it is not possible to join the coaching program without completion of 'Full Circle'.  The program includes practical and outcome-specific exercises and actions and a total of 36 coaching sessions of 90 minutes each. In addition, those who are admitted to the Wealth Coaching Program will receive one free consultation with a team of professionals, who help with the practical aspects of creating wealth specifically for you. You will not be taking notes. You will be taking action! As such, the program has a clear admission policy and requires a high level of determination and commitment.

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